With the number of businesses reporting fraud growing, it is important to have a mechanism to identify the issue, capture the available information and identify the risks.  The risks to businesses not having the ability to identify and resolve fraud and misconduct are increasing, yet many businesses are closing their eyes to the issues surrounding internal fraud and corruption.

Several reports have been published over the years identifying fraud related issues and the lack of a response or enthusiasm from management to curb those involved, leaving those who know about the problems within the business reluctant to stand up and be counted.  Those who do report internal wrongdoing  often risk their longevity in the business, as well as posing certain risks to their personal life.  This is why its important to have a system in place to allow those who know where the issues lie to have a voice.  A voice that can be protected against bullying and harassment.  A voice that can be heard without the fear of reprisal.

After viewing the DW Documentary titled “Close up” on Whistleblowers – Alone against the System“, it only cemented in my mind the value of having a whistleblower system which is externally managed to allow those who want to speak out, to do so.

The documentary and attached article made some very powerful statements about the whistleblower saying, “They risk everything for the truth. But what price do they pay for their revelations? There is a fate behind every scandal. After bringing dark secrets to light, the informants’ lives can never be the same again.

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Reference:  http://www.dw.com/en/dw-documentary-close-up-on-whistleblowers-alone-against-the-system/a-18971878