Whistleblower Hotline Team

Michele Clarke, Manager Disclosure Services

Michele has over 10 years of experience in investigative and litigious work, both in compliance and enforcement in the consumer protection and market regulation space within the Victorian Public Sector, using the Australian Consumer Law and industry specific legislation such as the motor car, real estate, residential tenancy laws and others.

Michele oversees the hotline service team as well as our many clients who use the whistleblower service to ensure that we provide a personalised and responsive service.  Our diligence and attention to detail sets us apart from all other service providers because we are not a call centre.  We are a team of highly motivated and experienced investigators who ensure that all disclosure and information reports received at Stopline managed appropriately and with confidentiality.

Our team consists of highly experienced former law enforcement personnel and senior investigations officers.  We also have experience in the management and operations of the Crime Stoppers program in Victoria and Nationally where Mr Valentine (Val) Smith was there as an operational manager for 16 years.

As a Senior Compliance and Enforcement Officer, I have delivered strong leadership within the Enforcement Branch of Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), managing both small and large scale investigations personally, as well as overseeing and training staff in a wide variety of enforcement activities within their respective investigative matters. Some of the work I have engaged in are the planning and execution of active investigations, the drafting and issuing of statutory notices, obtaining and executing search warrants, conducting coercive hearings or records of interview as tools to obtain outcomes in either civil or criminal areas.

Mr Val Smith

Valentine (Val) Smith, served almost forty years in the Victoria Police as well as previous service in the Australian Commonwealth Police and the Military (RAAF). He is an experienced educator in community engagement, with an operations, investigation, intelligence and media related background.

He has many years of experience in understanding human behaviour and diversity, with considerable expertise networking in the complex bureaucracies of the international arena. His operational police background includes metropolitan and country policing in uniform and Detective roles as well as being assigned as a lecturer and educator in ethics, workplace culture and community engagement at the Victoria Police Academy. He also spent sixteen years as an operational manager in the Crime Stoppers business at Victorian State, National and International levels.

His career included experience in designing, planning, implementing and managing National and International Crime Stoppers operations and international conferences.  He also has previous operational experience working with Interpol, the Australian Federal Police and other International Police Agencies including the United States Marshal’s Service, from whom he was recognized for his investigative excellence in international collaboration.

In the 2011 Queens Birthday Honours list, he was awarded the Australian Police Medal in recognition for his services to the Crime Stoppers Organization. He also, twice, received the Crime Stoppers International (CSI) President’s award for service excellence and support to CSI.  In 2013 he retired from the Victoria Police as a Detective Senior Sergeant within the Intelligence Division.  He is now engaged as a private consultant for STOPline, specializing in investigations into illegal and unethical behaviour in the Corporate and private sector.  As well as being an experienced speaker on communications, community information, workplace environmental awareness and professional integrity, he is an advisor on criminal activity, professionalism and ethics for Association Executive Services Inc.  Val has also developed a mentoring program for a major professional workers organisation.

Mr Chris Carnie

Chris is a highly specialised and experienced Investigator with over 30 years in the criminal investigation industry.  My interest in, and knowledge of, investigatory techniques and practices had affected a successful career in law enforcement with Victoria Police.  Now retired, Chris finalised his employment after a successful and satisfactory career, achieving the role of Detective Sergeant with the Major Collision Investigation Unit for over 19 years.

Chris brings to Stopline a different skill set which in this industry is unique and compliments our investigation team.  Chris will add to the team’s ability to provide the necessary technical skills and experience to investigate very complex matters.

Ms Tracie Mengler

Tracie is a former Victoria Police Detective with over 30 years experience in general policing, criminal investigations and more recently Crime Stoppers Specialist.

Tracie was employed by Crime Stopers (Victoria) for over 25 yrs where she was responsible for the management of information received from the public and disseminating information reports (Victoria Police terminology) to Detectives and other specialist squads within Victoria Police State Intelligence Division.

Tracie’s specialist skills and experience at Crime Stoppers are a valuable contribution to Stopline because there is no other business that has two former Crime Stoppers specialists. Interviewing skills and being able to carefully articulate the conversation into a clear and concise report are her strengths.

Ms Hayley Smith

Hayley started working at Stopline in 2016 as a disclosure consultant.  Hayley has an extensive hospitality and events background which has led to her extremely high level and understanding of customer service, and strong communication skills. Hayley has worked in customer service management, where she was the first point of call for complaints and enquiries, and responsible for conflict resolution and has an ability to connect and relate to people of all ages and demographics.  Hayley’s 5 years of experience in events management, marketing and promotions has seen her involved in event logistics as well as client liaison for corporate, private and high profile clients.

Since joining Stopline, Hayley has completed in house training for cognitive interviewing techniques and has been involved in writing Stopline’s policies and procedures.  As well as assisting the MD with communication and marketing strategies, Hayley assists the Disclosure Manager in quality control for disclosure reporting and client liaison.  In her time at Stopline, Hayley has applied her experience in data analysis to create valuable statistical reports for client’s information and use which were released for the first time in 2016.  Hayley is currently enrolling in a diploma of marketing course where she hopes to gain further skills and knowledge which she can apply to her work at Stopline.