After reading this very interesting article this morning it is become necessary for the introduction of greater protection of people who wish to disclosure information about workplace misconduct or unethical behavior.

Internal policies and procedures assist in the protection of a people that ‘blow the whistle’ but sometimes this is not enough.  As the article states: “The scandals have highlighted shortcomings in the law and the personal cost of “speaking out” including job loss, bullying and being the target of smear campaigns.”  Clearly more protection is required.

The article goes on to make the following statements, which I agree with.  “Transparency International has called for whistleblower protection laws to extend to whistleblowers who reasonably make their concerns public.” and “Greg Medcraft, the chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, has backed offering money to whistleblowers in recognition of the risks they took and the damage that could be done to their career prospects.”