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Australia’s New Whistleblower Legislation

Australia will be shortly introducing the new whistleblower legislation, the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Bill 2018.  With the introduction of the new legislation Australian businesses will be held more accountable for having an existing whistleblower program and one that is implemented and operating correctly. The latest Bill is still

Casual VS Part-time and Full-time employment – What are the key differences you should know?

Casual VS Part-time and Full-time employment what are the key differences you should know? A Casual Employee: Has no guaranteed hours of work Usually works irregular hours (but can work regular hours) Doesn’t get paid sick or annual leave Can end employment without notice, unless notice is required by a

Performance management VS workplace bullying

Performance management and workplace bullying… Many people confuse the two, are you confident you know the difference?   Bullying can take on many forms, and the old-fashioned idea of bullying being solely direct, physical or verbal abuse is exactly that – old fashioned and outdated. In today’s ever changing and

Whistleblowers need more protection…..

In a recent article written by Mr Tony Boyd, in the Australian Financial Review he states that “whistleblowers need more protection”.  In his article, Mr Boyd states, “Steven Burrell, CEO of the Governance Institute of Australia, said “a robust and independent whistleblowing process that makes employees feel comfortable about fearlessly reporting

ASIC Supports the new whistleblower project

In a statement published by ASIC on 3 May 2017, the Government are backing and supporting for the “Whistle While They Work” research project.  For more information read the complete article on the ASIC website at:

Delivering the facts……

Once you have the electronic evidence who will provide the expert evidence in Court? We have already discussed that information can be found on personal or business computers, and mobile devices like iPads, tablets and smart phones. So once the examination of these electronic mediums is completed and the relevant information has

Bank Staff Pressured – The Age article

After reading this very interesting article this morning it is become necessary for the introduction of greater protection of people who wish to disclosure information about workplace misconduct or unethical behavior. Internal policies and procedures assist in the protection of a people that ‘blow the whistle’ but sometimes this is not