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STOPline launches their new smart phone APP

Today we have officially launched our new smart phone disclosure APP. This APP was developed to provide easier access for reporting of workplace misconduct and other matters concerning people and culture within the workplace. We developed the APP to ensure that this technology can be used where mandatory reporting is

ABCC Bill passed today by a 36-33 vote

“This morning, the Turnbull Government finally secured passage of the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill (ABCC Bill) by the Senate. This was one of two industrial relations bills which triggered this year’s double dissolution election. The other bill, establishing a Registered Organisations Commission, was passed by Parliament last

Government backing whistleblower reward system

Reading this article the other morning made me realise now Australia is becoming aligned with the American way of thinking in this respect (  At STOPline we have been advocating for many years to see that the ‘whistleblower‘ is rewarded for reporting workplace misconduct.  If this legislation is passed the