It is very important to have an effective whistleblower hotline program.  Having multiple avenues that an employee or contractor can access the program will only ensure its success.  Reducing the method of reporting to a single channel will ultimately be the failure.  The below article from the Security Magazine clearly identifies the minimum requirements for an effective whistleblower  hotline program.

“Reporting Mechanism

The whistleblower program should provide individuals with every possible means to report information, ideally through a variety of channels that are easily and cheaply accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (most reports are made during non-business hours).  The mechanisms should accept tips from employees and outside parties, such as vendors and customers, and provide assurances of anonymity for whistleblowers.

Possible communication methods include:

  • A telephone hotline
  • In-person reporting
  • Online forms
  • A dedicated email address
  • A dedicated mail address (e.g. P.O. Box)”


Stopline have multiple channels for reporting that include a customised website, online reporting, dedicated email address, secure mailing address (locked bag), smart phone APP (search for stopline365 on the APP store and Google play) and even a dedicated fax.

We encourage our clients to involve outside contractors and other interested parties to use the service because they to might identify fraudulent activity in your business.  There are many examples where a contractor has called our whistleblower hotline and reported an employee for fraud.

We know that a customised service with multiple reporting channels is the best service.  A customised whistleblower hotline service will ensure that your message is portrayed with the support you need.  For more information please call me on 0487 333 099 or send me an email at and I can demonstrate how we personalise the service.