Cyber Security – what a very popular topic. I was reading an article where Matt Wilcox (Fifth Domain) stated that “Cyber Security is as much as problem for small to medium enterprises (SME) as it is big business”. How true. I find it amazing that some SME’s either don’t understand the risks associated with not spending money on IT security or they think that their business won’t be targeted because they have nothing to offer. You don’t need to have anything enticing to a criminal for them to come around and ‘knock’ on your door. Any chance for someone to exploit a vulnerability is a chance to open the door and see what’s inside.

Research by FireFly (a cyber security company) summarised their findings in their recent paper to illustrate that “Hackers are motivated by the fact that SME’s have more data to exploit than individuals but less security than large companies”. That statement reflects, I think, the lack of IT security in more SME’s than you would care to think about.

I have witnessed examples where the IT contractors have left a list of all the companies user names and passwords in a word document on the servers desktop. An even better one was naming the ‘secure’ document, ‘passwords’, even printing the document out and putting on the inside of the server door – amazing.

My advice would be take time to understand your IT requirements and make sure that your IT systems are properly secured and are managed effectively. If you want assistance or need help to manage your IT network we can assist. We can put a workable and cost effective IT infrastructure in place. A managed IT support system is more cost effective than trying to identify what happened and how it happened after an incident has occurred because there was no security or insufficient security in place.