Cyber security is being discussed regularly because it has become a topic of concern to many people and businesses.  For example the recent world wide cyber threat that was expected to take down businesses by malicious code or ransom ware which was capable of encrypting the entire contents of the hard disk and the only way to get the data back was to pay the criminals.  It was reported in the news that almost or around $100,000 was already paid but no data had been released. So where does that leave businesses? All too often IT costs are not rated highly on budgets because its a cost to business and not a money making portion of the business.  We are starting to see a change in that attitude because of an increase awareness of cyber crime and the real affects it can have on data security.

So that identifies the external threat, now what about internal threat? Are you aware of what data monitoring systems are in place on your network? Do you have intrusion detection systems monitoring internal and external threats and are they being actively monitored by a qualified IT person? Do you know if there is any protection for your data other than a firewall? Do you have security policies in place to protect your data and more importantly are people aware of your policies? Internal threats occur more often that you think. In a recent article published by Alien Vault, they stated that “….the top three cloud security concerns are protecting against data loss (57%), threats to data privacy (49%), and breaches of confidentiality (47%)“.

Our research suggests that the answer to a lot of these questions is No which is a concern.  If you need assistance to address your concerns about cyber threats please contact Stopline on or call the office on 03 9882 4550.