The conference at Albury for the National Credit Group was a great event with interesting and thought provoking content by the presenters. Scott Mann presented on the topic of Data Breach – staying outcomes focused.

When information intended for limited internal use or distribution makes it into the hands of untrusted third parties it can have far reaching business impact. The incident that makes the biggest news is usually when customer data is copied and sold or made available online, often referred to as a ‘data breach’.

The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016, proposes legislation compelling organisations operating under the Privacy Act to notify the Australian Information Commissioner and affected individuals of an eligible serious data breach. Mandatory reporting and notification is an outcome, while the mandatory part may be new in Australia ‘notification’ is not necessarily new as an outcome for businesses investigating a data breach.

In any investigation staying ‘outcomes’ focused keeps the investigation on track and ensures that the resources being spent on that investigation make sense given the risk and assurance outcomes. In this presentation Scott explained the steps involved in the preparation for and response to a data breach using an ‘outcomes’ focused approach to manage a variety of the risks such an event presents.

The Stopline forensic team can assist you in data breach incidents and give you the information to support a suitable outcome.  If you need any assistance or would like more information on data breaches please contact Scott Mann at or the office on +61 3 9882 4550.