You may already know about the email scams purporting to be from Australia Post, but we often receive calls from concerned clients because someone has responded to the email.  Please do not respond to the email as it may lead to a scammer contacting you and asking for private or confidential information.  If you receive suspicious emails delete them immediately, do not click on any links or attachments and report the email to or

If you haven’t already done so, send an email to your staff and let them know of the dangers of these types of emails.  A simple rule of thumb is, if the email is in the Junk Mail folder then it probably is.  Before responding to anything in the Junk Mail folder always check the whole email address you may find that it doesn’t fit the senders email address.  In this case the email address was from – hardly an Australia Post email account.  For further information please visit the Australia Post website at

Ensure you have adequate Internet protection to reduce the likelihood of your business and personal information being compromised by these scammers.  Make sure your internal network security software is updated and all patches are installed.  Intrusion detection systems are also good way to identify who has been ‘knocking’ on your firewall.  STOPline may be able to assist you if you have issues with data loss and we can provide advice about intrusion detection systems.

If you need any assistance or would like some advice about phishing emails or scam emails or you know of someone who has fallen victim to these types of emails, please feel free to contact the forensic team at STOPline on (03) 9882 4550 or by email at or visit our website at