Reading this article the other morning made me realise now Australia is becoming aligned with the American way of thinking in this respect (  At STOPline we have been advocating for many years to see that the ‘whistleblower‘ is rewarded for reporting workplace misconduct.  If this legislation is passed the whistleblower may have a louder voice.  Having said that, a reward system shouldn’t be the only reason why a person comes forward to make a disclosure.  A person who sees something and then reports that incident should also have the moral obligation to do so.  I believe that a person who is honest and has integrity will always report misconduct because thats in their DNA.  Businesses who strongly advocate ethical standards in the workplace also market within the workplace the importance of an externally managed whistleblower program.

STOPlines’ core business is the management of reporting disclosures.  We have a great footprint with many iconic business both nationally and Internationally who also promote high ethical standards in their business to ensure that any workplace misconduct is reported.  More importantly this service provides our clients with a safe and secure conduit for all their employee and other stakeholders to report incidents in the workplace.