I read a great article in the Age this morning written by Clancy Yeats on identity theft and the pace at which it is growing around the world.

Identity theft the “fastest growing type of fraud..“.  With the advent of the Internet and technology so to came the increase in new ways to fraudulently create new identities. Investigating identity theft is sometimes challenging especially when the fraudster is very IT savvy. Unfortunately for those doing the wrong thing, often all the evidence is not gone and to use an old detective school analogy “every contact leaves a trace”.

STOPline Forensic IT specialise in the investigation and identification of fraudulent activity in the work place.  By having comprehensive and well engineered cyber detection software in your network environment both at work and at home will assist in the detection of threats to your privacy and will also reduce the chance or likelihood of a cyber threat becoming a reality.  At STOPline we will assist you by giving your business an independent audit and work with your IT team to maximise the security in your IT environment and to minimise the incidents.  We will ensure that all audit functions are fully activated so that cyber threats (both internally and externally) can be traced and managed appropriately.

Reference:  http://www.theage.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/identity-theft-surges-80-per-cent-as-cyber-criminals-target-online-data-veda-20161124-gswiuc