Whistleblower Legislation – “Canada offers Australia a blueprint..” published by University of New Brunswick

Dr. Benjamin Koh blew the whistle on former employee CommInsure in 2016 for their systemic program of denying valid insurance payments. AAP Image/Dave Hunt Janet Austin, University of New Brunswick As the Australian government considers how to incentivise and protect corporate whistleblowers, it could look to Canada’s system. The securities

Whistleblowers need more protection…..

In a recent article written by Mr Tony Boyd, in the Australian Financial Review he states that “whistleblowers need more protection”.  In his article, Mr Boyd states, “Steven Burrell, CEO of the Governance Institute of Australia, said “a robust and independent whistleblowing process that makes employees feel comfortable about fearlessly reporting

ASIC Supports the new whistleblower project

In a statement published by ASIC on 3 May 2017, the Government are backing and supporting for the “Whistle While They Work” research project.  For more information read the complete article on the ASIC website at:

Delivering the facts……

Once you have the electronic evidence who will provide the expert evidence in Court? We have already discussed that information can be found on personal or business computers, and mobile devices like iPads, tablets and smart phones. So once the examination of these electronic mediums is completed and the relevant information has