Government backing whistleblower reward system

Reading this article the other morning made me realise now Australia is becoming aligned with the American way of thinking in this respect (  At STOPline we have been advocating for many years to see that the ‘whistleblower‘ is rewarded for reporting workplace misconduct.  If this legislation is passed the

Incentivise the potential whistleblower

Here is another example of the need to encourage people to confidentially report workplace misconduct by offering incentives. You may be aware that in the USA this a common practice so why shouldn’t Australia and other countries for that matter follow suit. This is a great article and well worth

National Police Remembrance Day

Today is National Police Remembrance Day.   STOPline would like to acknowledge and remember all those Police men and women who have lost their lives serving the community.  Many of the STOPline employees past and present have worked in law enforcement and have felt the sadness of the loss of a fellow

The Importance of Workplace Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing, in its simplest form, is the disclosure of misconduct within the workplace, which can take on the form of mismanagement, corruption, illegal, unethical or other wrongdoing.  Whistleblowing is an essential tool that is necessary within businesses to protect their employees, customers, and their organisation as a whole from these