Rewards to Public Sector Whistleblowers Ruled Out!

Endeavours to have rewards for whistleblowing included in the Commonwealth’s Public Interest Disclosure Bill has been ruled out by Gary Gray, Special Minister of State for the Public Service and Integrity. Although the rewards provisions of the USA False Claims Act have been successfully applied for the disclosure of public

Not-For-Profits subject to new governance regime!

The Federal Government has outlined its thoughts regarding a governance regime for not-for-profit bodies designed to promote transparency and accountability. The lengthy consultation paper seeks responses by January 20, 2012 at a time when resources are stretched. The governance principles cover areas such as risk management procedures including external reviews

Bribery & Corruption: UK and USA regulators

“Most regulatory investigations are the result of whistleblower tip-offs. Ensure that you have a whistleblower hotline, and that any information provided is thoroughly investigated by suitably experienced staff.”… so say Matt Fehon and Dawna Wright in an interesting article addressing the requirements of organisations for addressing foreign regulators. The article

Dr Patel’s nemesis seeks compensation!

Toni Hoffman, Australia Day Awards Local Hero for 2006 as the nurse who exposed killer surgeon Dr Patel, is now seeking compensation for psychological and financial stress resulting from her battle with Queensland Health for support and action associated with blowing the whistle on medical malpractice at the Bundaberg Hospital.