Recently the Federal Government successfully introduced the Registered Organisations Bill” through Parliament with the help of some members crossing the floor, in particular Senators Xenophon and Hinch.  In a news article written by the Age newspaper last week, there were some great statements made about the importance of the new Bill and the need for Whistleblowers to be recognised and rewarded for coming forward and speaking up.

After speaking with a number of my clients about what this all means I came across this article ( which summarises some of the important reasoning behind the required implementation of this bill:

“The Registered Organisations bill seeks to implement the Coalition’s 2013 election policy to impose higher standards of regulation on union officials – mainly in response to the Health Services Union corruption scandal.

Under this legislation, a new specialist regulator, the Registered Organisations Commission, would take over responsibility from the Fair Work Commission for oversight of registered unions and employer associations.

In addition, the bill would, in many respects, align the regulation of registered organisation’s with that applying to corporations. This includes:

  • increasing the obligations of office-holders in registered organisations with respect to the disclosure of material personal interests, and decision-making where officers may have such interests;
  • strengthening the financial, disclosure and transparency requirements applicable to officers in financial management matters; and
  • increasing civil penalties and imposing criminal liability for serious breaches by officers of their statutory duties.

The Senate has already rejected this bill twice.”

STOPline have been long standing advocates on the debate about whistleblowers being rewarded for speaking up.  As a business, we are seeing a very strong response to the importance of having a properly managed external hotline service for employees and other stakeholders.  If you would like to discuss this further please send an email to or call my mobile on 0487 333 099.