Email filtering is a very efficient tool to ensure that inappropriate and scam emails are captured and quarantined immediately.  All too often people are too quick to reply to an email that is purporting to be something that it is not.  The Australia Post and other banking email scams are alive and well.  Recently one banking email scam asks the reader to login and change their personal information.  When I received the same email I noticed the following:

1: the email was purporting to be from the National Australia Bank,

2: the email no reply address was spelt incorrectly,

3: the information shortcut to amend or update my details was trying to open a URL to the ANZ bank; and

4: my contact telephone number was being updated at a hair salon.

So after reading the email carefully I am hesitant to provide my details to a bank with these incredible options.  You maybe surprised to know that some people have already replied to these types of emails.  So please read the information carefully and more importantly if the email is in the Junk Email folder delete it because it is rubbish.

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