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Bank Staff Pressured – The Age article

After reading this very interesting article this morning it is become necessary for the introduction of greater protection of people who wish to disclosure information about workplace misconduct or unethical behavior. Internal policies and procedures assist in the protection of a people that ‘blow the whistle’ but sometimes this is not

STOPline launches their new smart phone APP

Today we have officially launched our new smart phone disclosure APP. This APP was developed to provide easier access for reporting of workplace misconduct and other matters concerning people and culture within the workplace. We developed the APP to ensure that this technology can be used where mandatory reporting is

The Importance of Workplace Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing, in its simplest form, is the disclosure of misconduct within the workplace, which can take on the form of mismanagement, corruption, illegal, unethical or other wrongdoing.  Whistleblowing is an essential tool that is necessary within businesses to protect their employees, customers, and their organisation as a whole from these

ACFE – 2012 Global Fraud Survey

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiner’s (ACFE) 2012 Global Fraud Survey has again highlighted the benefits of empowering staff to be part of any anti-occupational fraud strategy. A key conclusion of the survey was… “Providing individuals a means to report suspicious activity is a critical part of an anti-fraud program. Fraud reporting mechanisms,