Whistleblowing, in its simplest form, is the disclosure of misconduct within the workplace, which can take on the form of mismanagement, corruption, illegal, unethical or other wrongdoing.  Whistleblowing is an essential tool that is necessary within businesses to protect their employees, customers, and their organisation as a whole from these activities.

A wide range of industries are now routinely implementing whistleblowing policies and codes of conduct within their workplaces, providing their employees with a clear structure and direction on the procedures as required. 

Unfortunately there are barriers to whistleblowing, most commonly because people don’t want to been seen as “snitching”, as they have a fear of retribution by fellow employees.  It is essential for businesses to provide a safe and trustworthy environment, so that their employees feel comfortable and protected when they have information to share.  That is why it is so important for top management to promote, demonstrate and commit to the inclusion of whistleblowing within their business culture. 

By being open and honest, following through on procedures, treating their employees with respect, confidentiality, and investigating the issue thoroughly, a successful whistleblowing culture can be implemented.  This then provides businesses with the opportunity to minimise fraud and misconduct, enabling employees to focus on the core business needs, and the success of the organisation.

The STOPline is a recognised leader in the field of whistleblowing, by providing an external, independent and secure process for reporting and managing alleged workplace misconduct.  STOPline guarantees anonymity, maintains information security, and as our interviewers all have a law enforcement background, you can be assured that you will receive the ultimate level of expertise and professionalism you require.

The STOPline hotline is an independent 1300 number with NO call line identification, and no electronic menu to transverse.  To find out more, please contact us here, or call (03) 9882 4550.