With the changing landscape of the legislation to provide better protection for whistleblowers is certainly making the news regularly in Australia. The latest Age headline states “Every month a whistleblower wants to report misconduct“.

It is good to see that more people are becoming concerned about what happens in their workplace and are doing something about it. Having said that it is also a concern that they are being victimised because they stood up and said something.  Being of moral grounding but not having the strength to voice an opinion for fear of reprisal is understanding because there is little or no protection in most cases.  The new legislation needs to address a lot of issues and provide the ultimate protection for everyone.

Our core business at STOPline is a whistleblower hotline service, which is a safe, secure and mostly anonymous method of reporting all types of work place incidents, including misconduct, fraud, deception, bullying and harassment.  Our service is also used as a confidential reporting method for assisting sensitive investigations.