Workplace investigations are a common part of Australia’s workplace landscape. Although it’s common for workplace investigations to be conducted in-house (at least initially), there are times where it may be inadvisable to do so.
Time is of the essence in an investigation – as time elapses it becomes more difficult to accurately remember facts and effectively locate potential witnesses and/or evidence. Does your company have the required resources available at short notice? The first steps in any investigation are critical to its outcome.
But even more critical is the integrity of the investigation. Do you have someone internally who can conduct the investigation independently? This is one area that contract workplace investigators such as STOPline have an indisputable advantage over internal investigators. External investigators have no bias. Being external means they often obtain a more accurate and detailed report of events from involved employees – ones who will often be reluctant to provide the same quality and quantity of information to an internal investigator for fear of losing their job, or harming their chances of promotion. They also apply stringent methodologies to ensure that their all sensitive information is kept confidential, while supporting the management team or board of the company to make any required changes or remedies resulting from the investigation.
STOPline has extensive experience of conducting efficient, factual and unbiased workplace investigations and has a comprehensive understanding of the Australian Workplace laws governing them. STOPline provides a FREE, no obligation discussion or meeting to help you address the critical issues of your investigation.
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