Stopline provides an external, independent and secure whistleblower hotline service.  Stopline will assist you in management of allegations of workplace crime, corruption or misconduct through our whistleblower hotline program.

As soon as you become aware who a whistleblower is, you reduce the risk of a criminal offence. By keeping their identity confidential, you reduce your exposure to hostile legal action.

Managing your disclosure services (whistleblower hotline) externally and independently, gives your employees the confidence to talk more freely and feed through important information about incidents, corruption or misconduct that may damage your organisation.

The following information outlines our capabilities and experience in providing a confidential conduit for your employees to report unacceptable behaviour within the client entity.

Our key features to managing your whistleblower hotline service are:

  • 24 hrs, 365 days a year telephone service.  The toll free numbers and 1300 number are answered by a human with no call line identifier. So the caller is truly anonymous
  • Dedicated and customised email addressing
  • Fully customised website to suit your individual needs and requirements
  • Prompt and confidential reporting
  • Immediate emergency reporting of incidents
  • Consolidated weekly, quarterly and annual reports

Through our whistleblower hotline, Stopline enables organisations to:

  • Comply with legislative and other requirements
  • Provide stakeholders with confidential reporting methods
  • Receive detailed reports
  • Provide anonymity
  • Maintain information security
  • Eliminate potential conflicts of interest
  • Access to trained, experienced investigators
  • Satisfying the relevant requirements of the Australian Stock Exchange’s “Principles of Good Governance and Best Practice Recommendations”.
  • Satisfaction of the Corporations Act.
  • Compliance with Standards Australia’s AS 8001 – 2008 “Fraud and Corruption Control” and AS 8004 – 2003 “Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities”.
  • Compliance with overseas corporate governance legislation.
  • Capacity for a substantial reduction on the level of occupational fraud, workplace misconduct and unsafe work practices.
  • A heightened level of confidentiality/security for concerned employees.
  • Ability to internally address reported matters promptly and effectively.
  • Recognition by all stakeholders of the entity’s commitment to good corporate governance.
Reporting methods

Telephone contact with Stopline is made through an independent 1300 number with NO call line identification and no electronic menu to traverse. Mail is directed to a secure Australia Post “LOCKED BAG” with access only available to Stopline personnel. For electronic communication which spans all time zones Internationally, we provide a secure email address for disclosures to be made in the following format: <clientname>@stopline.com.au. We also have a customised and uniquely client focused website for your employees to read and understand the service as well as submit an online disclosure.

Client advice

An important requirement for a successful disclosure management system or whistleblower hotline, is the capacity to report into the client organisation at a senior level. In our experience high level reporting is crucial for both workforce perception and the practical realities of effectively addressing alleged organisational misconduct.

Upon receipt of a disclosure by Stopline, the information is collected, assessed and a detailed report is forwarded to the company disclosure officer (whistleblower complaints manager) within 24 hours. Serious matters requiring urgent attention will be notified as soon as practicable, generally by telephone by one of our skilled investigation staff. If required regular periodic status and activity overview reports can be provided.


Whistleblower reports can be made overtly or anonymously. It is our experience that 2 out of 3 whistleblowers will seek anonymity from the entity. Our system allows individuals who wish to remain totally anonymous to securely contact Stopline to check the status of their disclosure which also facilitates provision of feedback as well as the opportunity to obtain more and better particulars.

Information Security

Stopline has developed a secure information database that enables confidential and accurate management of disclosures received from whistleblowers, in keeping with client requirements. The database maintains all necessary information relevant to the individual disclosure and allows for reports to be generated in line with client requirements. Reports required to be transmitted electronically are password protected and encrypted to ensure the security of the information in the report is confidential.

Importance of Independence

The external independence from the employing organisation is crucial when it comes to acceptance and utilisation of a whistleblowing program. Invariably whistleblowers express much comfort when during initial contact they ascertain Stopline is an independent service provider.

The provision of whistleblowing services is our core business and therefore Stopline does not have actual or perceived conflicts of interest with the provision of auditing or other managerial consulting services. We are not an ‘add on’ service to our clients – our service is our core business.

Stopline Staff

Our caller interviewers have all been former police detectives, crime investigators, senior managers and consultants. They understand human behavior within organisations, the evidence requirements of industrial and other tribunals. Our staff have exceptional interpersonal skills to discuss the issue or disclosure with the caller and elicit all the information about the circumstance being discussed.

Policy Development

As part of the implementation and management of the disclosure service, Stopline is available to provide advice on the development and communication of your policy and our process.

Our Standing

Stopline is recognised as a leader in the field and has presented papers at various national conferences on corruption prevention, fraud and whistleblowing.

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Telephone contact with Stopline is made through an independent 1300 number with NO call line identification and no electronic menu to traverse.