Promotional Support

The introduction of any disclosure management system requires educational and promotional support to ensure the optimum numbers of employees, contractors or related parties are made aware of the program as well as their rights and obligations under your protected disclosure process.

Stopline can provide assistance in the development of posters and other promotional opportunities.

We can also assist with initial and ongoing staff information sessions which are crucial in promoting and reinforcing the benefits of our service as a good governance tool.

Implementation and Education

The use of Stopline personnel in the initial implementation has the benefit of ensuring recognition of the independence of the service provider, emphasises the programs relationship with other grievance procedures and helps develop a shared understanding and mutual trust.

Experience has shown that longer term benefits accrue from ensuring that the program is well publicised during the introduction phase and also on an ongoing basis.

Stopline can develop and present education sessions for your staff which are structured to suit the needs and time frames of your company.

We have a “Frequently Asked Questions” format suitable for use as a handout or posting on an intranet site.

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