“This resulted in a substantive reassessment of the value of assets – finding that they are poorly maintained, non-operational or non-existent, and evidence of misconduct – where processes have been bypassed and company funds have been misappropriated for personal use.

Decades of forensic accounting experience have made it clear to us that the most effective approach to verifying financial claims is to view assets and interview people in person. This is not only a more robust investigative practice, it heightens credibility when evidence is tested in court.

Stopline has a specialist team focused on investigating financial and accounting fraud, misappropriation of funds, misleading financial documents and regulatory compliance failures. The team’s extensive auditing experience and financial expertise are supplemented by two complementary attributes:

  • the ability to detect even the subtlest aberration in financial patterns or transactions that do not align with the normal conduct of business; and
  • a firm belief that all key financial assumptions should be properly verified.

Frequently that means corroborating the financial statements by examining assets and processes in situ. On many occasions this has resulted in a substantive reassessment of the value of assets (finding, for example that they are poorly maintained, non-operational or non-existent), and evidence of misconduct (where, for example, accounting processes have been bypassed and company funds have been misappropriated for personal use).

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Response to financial misconduct
Prevention of financial loss
Key features and services
Response to financial misconduct

We will respond rapidly and effectively if you uncover financial misconduct within your organisation, or suspect it may be taking place. We deploy a combination of deep forensic accounting, forensic IT and interviewing skills, to form a clear picture of what has occurred, track the process by which it was carried out, when, by whom, what the losses are and where financial assets have been diverted to. We provide you with a clear and conclusive chain of evidence, backed by expert reports and expert testimony. This places you in a strong position to stem the damage, hold people accountable for their actions and, wherever possible, to achieve partial or full financial recompense.

Prevention of financial loss

Our preventative services slot into two categories. We are able to provide professional reviews of your existing financial policies and systems, identify areas of vulnerability and advise you how to add greater security to protect the financial integrity of your business. This makes it both harder for financial misconduct to occur in the first place and, if it does, makes it more easily detectable and traceable. The overt nature of these improvements remove temptations and serve as a strong deterrent. As part of any due-diligence process, our services can give you confidence in the financial statements provided to you by vendors when purchasing assets or a business interest. We investigate the accuracy of financial statements, the process by which they were created, and the validity of the underlying figures. We will flag transactions that may have been brought forward or postponed to boost profits, questionable loans and transactions, and where figures may be misleading and asset values inflated.

Key features and services
  • Advice and Review of Accounting Policies and Accounting Standards and Corporations Act Reporting requirements
  • Anti—bribery and corruption due diligence/ risk assessments
  • Audit and Special Committee Investigations
  • Company and Business Valuations
  • Damages and Loss of Profit Analysis
  • Expert Testimony
  • Financial statement misstatements, inadequate disclosure and restatements
  • Fraud and Complex Financial Investigations
  • General and Commercial Disputes Services
  • Independent Internal Controls and Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Insurance Claims Assessments
  • Merger and acquisition fraud services
  • Pre-acquisition Due Diligence and Post – Acquisition Disputes
  • Professional Indemnity and Malpractice Claims